It Came From Outer Space!


  • Genre: speculative fiction
  • Length: 5-12k
  • Payment: royalty split


It Came from Outer Space! will feature monsters that came from outer space…and possibly the monsters who fight the monsters who came from outer space! (Or the monsters who fight the monsters who fight the monsters who came from outer space.) I do have one caveat: If you have a story where we find out at the last moment that it’s actually earthlings who are invading some other planet…well, that’s gonna be a hard sell. It’s been done. But tell us up front that we’re the monsters, and we’re in!

We’re looking for your weirdest, most off-the-wall ideas. Volume 1 was a great mix of funny and dark stories, and we’d like to see that continue. As far as what you can get away with, consider our audience to be teenagers and up–a few curse words and a few naked tentacles are fine. We’re far more likely to be upset by a character being trapped, hopeless, and unable to even try to fight back than we are by a little sex, violence, or gore. But probably we’re not your best market for edgy splatterpunk tentacle porn; we want screaming and running more than we want heavy breathing.

Some general information on what we’re looking for with this series:

Monsters: creatures not currently existing naturally, with some level of life or self-awareness. Jurassic Park’s engineered dinos are cool; so is Superman’s villain Brainiac.

Pulp: stories focusing on action, adventure, and thrills! You can get deep if you want, but be s-n-e-a-k-y about it! Suspense is great, too, but throw in some twists to keep the pace moving!


Payment will be a royalty split per story.

Exact percentages will be determined once the number of stories has been finalized, but will be a minimum of 3.5% of the proceeds after fees from sales channels and BundleRabbit.

Submission details

Deadline: July 1st, 2019

*** Submissions may close early depending on story acceptances. ***

Word count: 5,000-12,000

Manuscript format: .doc or .docx

Genre: Anything except erotica is fine, as long as your story fits the anthology’s theme.

How to submit:

    • Send your story as an attachment to [email protected].
    • The subject of your email should be: collection name / your name / your story title

      For example:

      Monster Road Trip / Mon E. Ster / Super Awesome Story

    • Use standard manuscript format. Refer to William Shunn’s guidelines if you need a reference.

This anthology will be published using BundleRabbit’s collaborative publishing feature, and will be available for purchase through Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble. It will be offered both ebook and print. Participating authors will sign a contract with BundleRabbit, and will be able to track sales via that platform.

Reprints will be considered. If your story has been previously published, please mention this in your submission.

We encourage submissions from diverse authors.