“The Ritual of the Drawing” by Mark Leslie

Mark Leslie’s “The Ritual of the Drawing” is set in the small town of Birks Falls, where tradition is sacred, and the unwanted dregs of society are not a threat as long as the town has Mr. McNeal and the ritual of the drawing. After all, under the proper circumstances, a vampire is a wonderful thing for a town to have. Find Dawn of the Monsters Amazon • Barnes and

“Transmogrification” by Jamie Ferguson

Lester, a research scientist with an egotistical, micro-managing boss, heads in to the office on a Saturday to look for his lost phone in Jamie Ferguson’s “Transmogrification.” Not only does he find his phone, he also discovers the mysterious door in his laboratory that’s always locked is slightly ajar. Scientists are curious, so of course Lester has to investigate… Find Dawn of the Monsters Amazon • Barnes and Noble •

“Neck Bolt Lynch Pin” by Steve Vernon

Monsters are very, very real in Steve Vernon’s “Neck Bolt Lynch Pin.” They are, however, often misunderstood. Well-meaning people misinterpret behavior, misunderstand situations, and forget that as long as people believe in monsters, they will continue to exist. Because a story, if told well and often enough, in time can grow a life of its own. Find Dawn of the Monsters Amazon • Barnes and Noble • Kobo • Apple

“On a Dark Road to Nowhere” by Marcelle Dubé

“On a Dark Road to Nowhere,” by Marcelle Dubé, takes place on a winter night in the woods in the Yukon. An alien ship landed in a clearing near Maggie’s house, and the creature has begun to explore the area. What the thing wants isn’t clear, but what is clear is that it’s very, very dangerous. Find Dawn of the Monsters Amazon • Barnes and Noble • Kobo • Apple

“The Bitch” by P. D. Cacek

Karin’s boyfriend’s ex-lover refuses to go away in P. D. Cacek’s “The Bitch.” And worse, the woman is smart and manipulative, managing to make other people feel sorry for her even though she’s harassing and stalking the couple. Karin has to find a way to get the bitch out of her life, for good. But the other woman is full of surprises… Find Dawn of the Monsters Amazon • Barnes

Have a monstrously wonderful holiday!

Christmas by H. P. Lovecraft, 1920 The cottage hearth beams warm and bright,      The candles gaily glow; The stars emit a kinder light      Above the drifted snow. Down from the sky a magic steals      To glad the passing year, And belfries sing with joyous peals,      For Christmastide is here!     This fantastic image by Nelson Evergreen (aka Neil Evans) was designed for a promotional Christmas card for Graphic Classics.

“The Grave-Diggers” by DeAnna Knippling

A private detective is surprised when the pair of men he’s tailing begin digging up an old grave in DeAnna Knippling’s “The Grave-Diggers.” They claim they’re after a lucky necklace that was buried with one of their ancestors—a woman rumored to have been a witch. As detectives well know, if you want to know what’s really going on, all you have to do is follow the money. All the way

“Rites of Passage” by Annie Reed

In Annie Reed’s “Rites of Passage,” Finn guards this world from the monsters on the other side, slaying their servants who continually attempt to create passageways for their masters to come through. His work is important, lonely, and dangerous. His own master was killed when he got careless after too many decades on the job. And Finn’s been doing this work for a very, very long time. Find Dawn of

Dawn of the Monsters

Love pulp fiction? Amazing Monster Tales is here to provide it! 11 tales of monsters, mayhem, strange and inexplicable events, uncanny technologies, wildly improbable events, and more. Some monsters you’ve seen before… And some of them you haven’t! Some monsters are the good guys… And some of them are very, very bad indeed! Dawn of the Monsters features trolls, goblins, creeps, mad scientists, vampires, aliens, Frankenstein, a very nasty ex-girlfriend,