Announcing Issue #4: Into the Briny Deep!

Come sail away, come sail away… …on a quest to find sea monsters! Into the Briny Deep contains ten tales about mysterious watery creatures, gods of the sea, aquatic aliens, and a couple of mermaids you do not want to meet. Under the water, in a boat, or just hanging out on the shore, these monsters are playing with all tentacles. Grab your scuba gear, start the motor, or sling

Announcing Issue #3: It Came From Outer Space!

Hello my Earthling! Hello my starling! Hello my space-time alien gal! It Came From Outer Space! is a baker’s dozen of tales about creatures from outer space who may or may not have boldly gone where they really shouldn’t have. Tales of aliens who test the creatures of Earth…tales of Earthlings who test the creatures from other planets…aliens who attack…aliens who defend…and aliens who are a little too close for

Announcing Issue 2: Monster Road Trip!

Monsters start growling… …head out on the highway! Monster Road Trip features ten tales of road trips, vacations, tourist destinations, and pits stops that go horribly, horribly wrong. These monsters are out for adventure! But they may not have filled up the gas tank first. Put on your shades, slather on your sunscreen— (Especially if you’re a vampire!) —and load your swimsuit and your best beach bod in to the

Rev up your engines…

Monster Road Trip, the second issue in the Amazing Monster Tales anthology series, is on its way! The fantastic cover art was designed by the super awesome Paul Roman Martinez. This issue contains stories by: Shannon Lawrence, Meyari McFarland, Jeff Wood, Rebecca Hodgkins, Mark Leslie, Ron Collins, Jamie Ferguson, Jason Dias, DeAnna Knippling, and Sharon Kae Reamer. Just a few more days until the road trip begins!

Dawn of the Monsters

Love pulp fiction? Amazing Monster Tales is here to provide it! 11 tales of monsters, mayhem, strange and inexplicable events, uncanny technologies, wildly improbable events, and more. Some monsters you’ve seen before… And some of them you haven’t! Some monsters are the good guys… And some of them are very, very bad indeed! Dawn of the Monsters features trolls, goblins, creeps, mad scientists, vampires, aliens, Frankenstein, a very nasty ex-girlfriend,