Amazing Monster Tales Issue 4 Into the Briny Deep Cover Image

The siren song of nautical fiction calls across time & space, in tales of adventure, horror, love, and loss in AMAZING MONSTER TALES #4: Into the Briny Deep.

Of our 11 sea stories, we were able to catch interviews with the authors of 9 of them. These interviews describe writers’ loves for the ocean, their deepest memories of it, and the nautical monsters they love. From mermaids and sirens, to fairy tale retellings, to monsters from classic pulp adventure (including homages to Lovecraft), these tales explore the way that the ocean depths fascinate and scare us all.

Join the authors as they explore their loves–and fears–of the depths below!

The Interviews:

Jamie Ferguson, “The Late Bloomer.”

DeAnna Knippling, “The Man Who Would Sell Fear.”

Jim LeMay (and Charles Eugene Anderson, but the interview is from Jim only), “Sea Monster Of Monterey vs. The Nazis.”

Jeff Wood, “Clickbait.”

Grayson Towler, “Crotar.”

Travis Heermann, “An Idol for Emiko.”

Alethea Kontis, “Blood and Water.”

Lee Allred, “Murmuration of a Darkening Sea.”

Brigid Collins, “The Road Beneath Indianapolis.”