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Jetpacks, Nazis, sea monsters, J. Edgar Hoover, and more! Who doesn’t want a taste of classic adventure? Read all about it in Jim LeMay and Charles Eugene Anderson’s “Sea Monster of Monterray vs. the Nazis”!

Jim LeMay and Charles Eugene Anderson have written two stories for Amazing Monster Tales, both of them featuring jetpack hero Daring Dorian Pace. These stories are as close to the old pulp fiction tales that I’ve seen written in modern times, full of fast-paced adventure, spy action, and gadgets! I was fortunate enough to meet the two of them at a book signing in Colorado. Both Jim and Chuck have a taste for adventure and excitement in their fiction.

Here’s our interview with Jim LeMay.

You can find “Sea Monster of Monteray vs. the Nazis” in Amazing Monster Tales #4: Into the Briny Deep, out now!

The Interview:

How do you feel about the ocean? Any particular memories you’d like to share?

As a little boy, living a thousand miles from the nearest ocean, seeing the images of waves crashing against distant shores struck me as a mesmerizing adventure I thought I would ever experience. When living near the ocean as an adult, I found watching them no less hypnotic.

What is your favorite media (stories, nonfiction, video, games, music) about the ocean?

Stories of the sea fascinated me as a kid. I wished I could fight a giant squid with Captain Nemo. Now that I’m an adult I have found that the sea has many personalities. In music it varies from the contemplative “La Mer” of Debussy to Wagner’s wild “Flying Dutchman” overture. And the ocean sets the stage for so many wonderful books and films. In the latter, Charles Laughton is my favorite Captain Bligh.

What monster did you bring to your AMAZING MONSTER TALES story in this issue? Why?

Chuck and I found the idea of a sea-faring monster from another world trying to make love to a Nazi submarine irresistible.

[So did we!–Ed.]

Jim’s Bio:

Jim “Thunder Lizard” LeMay spent most of his working life gathering material for his stories. In the process his vocations and avocations included waiter, janitor, copywriter, editor, graphic artist, homebrewer, bartender, bar owner, land surveyor, civil engineer, land developer and others best forgotten. A few years ago he decided he was finally ready to create characters and the worlds they live in. He has written a few short stories and five novels, including The Shadow of Armageddon, Shadow World, Shadow Jack, Shadowspawn and Making the Most of It.

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