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Ahoy! Nautical Fiction Ahead: the Amazing Monster Tales #4 Into the Briny Deep Interviews

The siren song of nautical fiction calls across time & space, in tales of adventure, horror, love, and loss in AMAZING MONSTER TALES #4: Into the Briny Deep. Of our 11 sea stories, we were able to catch interviews with the authors of 9 of them. These interviews describe writers’ loves for the ocean, their deepest memories of it, and the nautical monsters they love. From mermaids and sirens, to

Amazing Monster Tales Issue 4 Into the Briny Deep Paul Roman Martinez Art

Briny Deep Author Interview with Jim LeMay: Sea Monster of Monterey vs. the Nazis

Jetpacks, Nazis, sea monsters, J. Edgar Hoover, and more! Who doesn’t want a taste of classic adventure? Read all about it in Jim LeMay and Charles Eugene Anderson’s “Sea Monster of Monterray vs. the Nazis”! Jim LeMay and Charles Eugene Anderson have written two stories for Amazing Monster Tales, both of them featuring jetpack hero Daring Dorian Pace. These stories are as close to the old pulp fiction tales that