January 2019

Ten-year-old Isidora finds a pair of odd-looking eggs on the beach in Sèphera Girón’s “Beach Comber.” She takes them home to her mother, not realizing the creature who laid the eggs will soon come looking for them… Find Dawn of the Monsters Amazon • Barnes and Noble • Kobo • Apple Books • Books2Read • […]

Mark Leslie’s “The Ritual of the Drawing” is set in the small town of Birks Falls, where tradition is sacred, and the unwanted dregs of society are not a threat as long as the town has Mr. McNeal and the ritual of the drawing. After all, under the proper circumstances, a vampire is a wonderful […]

Lester, a research scientist with an egotistical, micro-managing boss, heads in to the office on a Saturday to look for his lost phone in Jamie Ferguson’s “Transmogrification.” Not only does he find his phone, he also discovers the mysterious door in his laboratory that’s always locked is slightly ajar. Scientists are curious, so of course […]

Monsters are very, very real in Steve Vernon’s “Neck Bolt Lynch Pin.” They are, however, often misunderstood. Well-meaning people misinterpret behavior, misunderstand situations, and forget that as long as people believe in monsters, they will continue to exist. Because a story, if told well and often enough, in time can grow a life of its […]