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Ahoy! Nautical Fiction Ahead: the Amazing Monster Tales #4 Into the Briny Deep Interviews

The siren song of nautical fiction calls across time & space, in tales of adventure, horror, love, and loss in AMAZING MONSTER TALES #4: Into the Briny Deep. Of our 11 sea stories, we were able to catch interviews with the authors of 9 of them. These interviews describe writers’ loves for the ocean, their deepest memories of it, and the nautical monsters they love. From mermaids and sirens, to

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Briny Deep Author Interview with Jamie Ferguson: The Late Bloomer

Family destiny calls a young man to the ocean in this story that perfectly balances love and horror, “The Late Bloomer” by Jamie Ferguson. This story encapsulates a lot of what I love about Jamie’s fiction. It’s not flashy or fast-paced, but it takes on core inner truths that most people wouldn’t touch with a thousand-foot pole, or that they would simplify and make easier to digest. Fools may rush