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Ahoy! Nautical Fiction Ahead: the Amazing Monster Tales #4 Into the Briny Deep Interviews

The siren song of nautical fiction calls across time & space, in tales of adventure, horror, love, and loss in AMAZING MONSTER TALES #4: Into the Briny Deep. Of our 11 sea stories, we were able to catch interviews with the authors of 9 of them. These interviews describe writers’ loves for the ocean, their deepest memories of it, and the nautical monsters they love. From mermaids and sirens, to

Amazing Monster Tales Issue 4 Into the Briny Deep Paul Roman Martinez Art

Briny Deep Author Interview with Jeff Wood: Clickbait

A darkly compelling dream from the deep summons thousands to the California coast, a siren song offering to make all dreams come true, or at least to end to all disappointments, in Jeff Wood’s “Clickbait.” Jeff Wood appeared in Amazing Monster Tales #2:¬†Monster Road Trip, with a messed-up tale about roadside repairs and the little detours we all make along the way, going horrifically wrong. Here, he’s back on the